Liga Romana de Cancer / Romanian Cancer League

• It is a non-governmental organization;

• League’s activity is in medical oncology field and functions with the agreement of the
Romanian Minister of Health and Family, Direction of Development and Health

• The main goals of Romanian Cancer League are:
o To reduce the incidence of and the rate of death by cancer;
o To increase the rate of cancer treatment;
o To increase the rate of the remissions;
o To reduce the psychological and socio-economic impact of cancer;
o To improve the life standard of the oncological patient.

Address: Calea Victoriei nr. 1-5, sc.B, et.VI, ap.72, sector 3, 030021 Bucharest,
Phone: +40.21-314.69.23/ +40.21-314.69.33
Fax: +40.21-313.24.98
Fiscal Code: 11607696 / IBAN Code: RO77BRDE410SV19696064100 / B.R.D, Sucursala
Bratianu Bucuresti

Societatea Româna de Cancer (SRC) / Romanian Society for Cancer

• SRC was founded in 1993 by several doctors from the Oncologic Institute „Ion
Chiricuta” – Cluj-Napoca.;

• It offers free services for cancer like:
o Information and treatment opportunities on limfedem;
o Support groups for cancer patients (children and adults), theirs families;
o Prevention programs, including free testings for breast, prostate and colt cancer
o Free breast prosthesis from sponsors.

Address: 400165 CLUJ – NAPOCA, Str. Emil Racoviţă nr. 29
Tel/fax: 0264 – 450095, 0745 – 830131
Contact person: Marlene Farcas – Executiv Director

Asociaţia Română pentru Prevenţia Cancerului (ARPC)/ Romanian Association for
Cancer Prevention

• Non-profit Organisation, founded in January 2002;

• 19 founding members, that together with Romanian Patriarchy (Orthodox Church)
want to contribute at the improvement of socio-medical services: public education on
cancer disease, prevention, cure and follow-up of the treatment;

• Improvement of medical services in rural areas;

• Providing medical and social assistance to patients and theirs family (especially for
immobilised patients and those in terminal phases)

Address: Bucharest, Splaiul Independenţei 99-101 (in the backyard of the National Institute
for Pathology, “Victor Babeş”)
Tel: (+4) 0722.437.189