Seated massage – Shiatsu

You want to reduce the stress of your daily life?

You can choose an easy and efficient way… and a little relaxing break.

Chair massage is a particular anti-stress method for several reasons:

- Short time: The sequence lasts about  20min. It is just a pleasant and relaxing break in your working day.

- Efficiency: It covers key areas (arms, back, neck…) by touching several pressure points. At the end you feel relaxed but not asleep. So you are ready to resume your work with a better concentration.

- Practical aspect: The treatment can be done in the workplace. It is a fully clothed massage without the use of oil.

- Cost: 20 min. / 20 € , 30 min. / 30 €

- When: Every Thursday between 12 pm and 2 pm

- Where: Chair massage take place in J-54 7/101 (room on the seventh floor).
You enter through building no 54-60 on Joseph II Street (building called “The Century”) and then turn left before the reception desk. Then you go to the end of the corridor until you see coffee machines on your right-hand side. On your left-hand side there is a lift which you take to the seventh floor.

Do not hesitate to book your chair massage session by a simple mail with an indication in the subject line of the date and the length desired (15, 20 or 30 minutes) + your phone ext.

Vincent Claessens
0476/ 881919